Below is a small sample of our past projects

Renny Street, Paddington.

This was a complete redesign of an original Paddington terraced house, including a new double height rear extension. Our client had a very clear idea of the style they wanted, a mix of old and new, paying homage to the beautiful old terrace whilst injecting some modern features and excitingly special details such as the shower skylight and exposed brick.

“We established a significant trust and were confident to take on most of the suggestions, now very pleased we ran with their ideas, thereby enhancing a number of features in the house. In particular, the kitchen and bathroom are a fantastic outcome, Amy put in considerable effort in providing samples and ideas on many decorative features, right down to the lampshades and we are very pleased we followed her advice.” Stewart C

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Chatswood House.

This growing family were seeking a solution to the age-old issue of needing a larger, more family friendly, usable space to live together in. Built in joinery units create a fabulous focal point as well as hiding clutter and everyday mess. High level windows increase the natural light in a room without compromising on privacy. The huge dining room window and new roof line were both designed to embrace a much loved existing tree in the back garden.

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Iris Street, Paddington.

A repeat client, this time looking for a clean and sleek design for an investment property. This terrace was only moments away from dereliction. More of a ripped newspaper than a blank canvas, this house was desperately in need of some love and attention. The very narrow site called for sleek, modern finishes and clever use of storage. The kitchen and bedroom joinery are kept simple and flush with the walls to enhance a sense of space. Natural light is often lacking in these little terrace houses, borrowing light from the floor above with the open stair and glass floor features is a great option.


Living Edge, Sydney

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Living Edge, Melbourne


The Stables Restaurant, Trentham, Victoria

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